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About Brian

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I help businesses set up and manage custom payment processing solutions.

I am a payment systems expert and consultant specializing in service-based industries who want to find a reliable way to process electronic payments for their business.

I’ve been consulting in the payments industry for over 15 years now and specialize in making the customer checkout process simple. The customer experience is important and when someone is ready to pay, everything should work properly!

In short, I help you get paid faster and more efficiently!

I have helped thousands of businesses make smart decisions when it comes to setting up a payment collection systems for their business. Through one-on-one consulting and instructional videos on I regularly advise on best practices in the payment processing industry.

My mission is to educate and help  business owners use their merchant account simply as one tool in the big picture of growing their own business and creating an experience that is positive and meaningful for their customers.

What I do

I work with businesses and entrepreneurs to create online, retail and mobile payment systems so they can get paid as efficiently as possible.

This includes setting up merchant accounts, payment gateways, creating and setting up ecommerce platforms, mobile payment solutions, invoicing solutions and recurring billing systems just to name a few.

★★ I’ll work with you to…

✔ Set up a hosted payments page that helps you collect payments with little to no technical knowledge or experience required.

✔ Implement checkout pages on your website that help you get paid faster and more efficiently

✔ Set up a billing system with a virtual terminal and recurring payment plan function

Fun facts about me

Location: Indianapolis, IN
First Live Concert: Spindoctors (@ The World Music Theater in IL)
Favorite Food: Everything pasta!
Favorite Sport(s): Basketball, Tennis, Golf
Family: Married with 2 boys

✔ 15 years of experience in the payments industry (see some of my client testimonials here)

✔ I’ve canoed down the hippo and crocodile infested Zambezi river in Zimbabwe (upriver from Victoria Falls)

✔ I used to work in the mortgage industry before starting my own company in 2004 which is when I gained my first client!

✔ My hobbies include playing golf, tennis, running and woodworking!

✔ My childhood sports icon was Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls!

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