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About Brian

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I help businesses increase revenue by setting up high converting website sales pages, client acquisition systems, custom payment processing solutions and digital workflows.


I am a payment systems designer and marketing consultant specializing in service-based industries who want a new way to market their business and sell their products online.


I’ve been consulting in the payments industry for over a decade and specialize in making the customer checkout process simple. The customer experience is important and when someone is ready to pay, everything should work properly!


In short, I help you get paid faster and more efficiently!

What I do

I’ll help you increase sales by setting up inbound lead generation, payment pages & digital checkout processes along with marketing automation systems that are managed-for-you and in some cases completely done-for-you.

★★ I’ll work with you to…

✔ Set up a high converting website that generates leads and showcases your products and services in a way that encourages people to buy from you

✔ Maximize lead generation efforts by developing the perfect offer for your target market and audience

✔ Implement email marketing automation systems to maximize lifetime value of your clients

✔ Implement checkout pages on your website that help you get paid faster and more efficiently

Fun facts about me

✔ 15 years of experiences (see some of my client testimonials here)

✔ Proficient with WordPress, Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, Leadpages and lots of other digital marketing tools.  (For a complete list, click here)

✔ I used to work in the mortgage industry before starting my own company in 2004 which is when I gained my first client!

✔ My hobbies include playing golf, tennis, running and woodworking!

✔ My childhood sports icon was Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls!


With a passion for marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship I got into the payments and marketing industry to help businesses grow.

My straightforward approach to educational style marketing and focus on personal care became very popular with my clients, very quickly. These same principles are at the foundation of how I run my business and treats other people.

Digital Marketing
Marketing yourself and your company online through your website and social media presence is essential these days. Finding your ideal client and placing ads in front of them has never been easier in today’s social marketplace.

I started marketing online when I created a training program for merchant account sales reps which can be found at: www.bancardpro.com.

I have held hundreds of free training webinars over the years, that are part of my marketing process to help merchant account sales reps grow their business and achieve financial success.

At the core of my methods is the simple idea that marketing should offer the prospect what they want and often times that starts with some free information. You cannot create a demand where there is not one, so I help businesses craft marketing campaigns that speak directly to their ideal clients.

As a general rule, I believe in giving first and by helping others obtain what they want everyone wins!


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