The 7 Things Your CRM Should Do For You (Keap CRM)

The best CRM is here.  Keap Pro gives you functionality that not many other CRM’s are able to do. In this video I discuss 7 things that you will get by using the Keap Pro software.

This video is meant to be an introduction to the Keap Pro software and what it can do for your business. If you’re a new business just starting out, and you need a way to do any or all of those things that I mentioned at the beginning, this video will give you a high level overview of what this software does and how it will help your business stay organized.

This video will discuss 7 features and among them are:


Number 1: Contact/client management (Sales Pipeline) so you can keep track of all your customer and prospect data in one central location


Number 2: Email marketing for broadcast mailings as well as integration to the campaign builder to harness the power of marketing automation


Number 3: Invoicing and collection payments from your customers.  After all, you should give yourself and your company a simple and easy way to collect payments


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